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Mini Madness 2011 in Port Macquarie

Weekend up in Port Macquarie for the Mini Madness minitruck and customs show.

On July 16 2011, a bunch of good people attended the minitruck show at Port Macquarie Race Club.

The weekend included the Mini Madness show at Port Macquarie Race Club and hosted a wide variety of minitrucks, custom cars, and classic 1950s til late model vehicles Top 10 of the show were proudly on display along Mini Madness Boulevard.

As always, no show would be complete without the Minitruck clubs competing in games against each other in a series of relay events and challenges including the good old airbag toss challenge! Fun times for all involved. Minibike FMX demos were on throughout the day as well as graffiti art demos.

Port Panthers Club once again hosted the Mini Madness Presentation night with a dress-up costume party theme for cartoons, superheroes and animals.

Descent Productions held a special presentation on the big screen and it was great to see the Mini Madness auction for charity.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend away, appreciate the time and effort everyone puts into their rides and generally catching up with a good bunch of people.

I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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